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Vimba vimba Detailed Features – 2023

The vimba vimba fish, a member of the Cyprinidae family, is a freshwater fish species that entered the waters of our country through Thrace. In our country’s waters, it has spread to Marmara Lake, as well as to the waters of Northern, Central Anatolia, Northwestern Anatolia, and the Mediterranean.

Vimba vimba Species Summary

Other Names: Vimba bream
Scientific Name:Vimba vimba
Diet: Carnivorous
Adult Size: 50 cm
Breeding Season: Between May and August
Lifespan:15 years
Fishing: No ban

Features of Vimba Vimba

With an average length of 30cm and a maximum of 50cm, the Vimba vimba is often compared to the roach fish at first glance. The main features distinguishing this fish from the roach are:

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  • Its mouth is downward-facing and it has large lips.
  • The body shape is slender, long, and flattened from the sides.
  • The lower jaw is shorter than the upper jaw.
  • The eyes are large in proportion to the body.
  • The body color is light brown.

The fish can particularly be distinguished by the shortness between the anus and the base of the fin. Moreover, it has been observed at a maximum weight of 1kg, with an average weight between 300-400 grams. In our country, they are commonly seen reaching up to weights of 200-250 grams.


Vimba vimba primarily inhabit the brackish water areas where rivers merge with the sea. However, they can also survive in freshwater environments.

Reproduction and Diet

It takes about 4 years for the fish to reach a length of 12.5cm, which is its reproductive maturity. Females, capable of laying up to 120,000 eggs, release their eggs in shallow parts of streams, especially in gravelly areas.

Their breeding season is between May and August. During these periods, they are known to travel as far upstream as creeks.

Being carnivorous, this species feeds on aquatic insects, insect larvae, and other small aquatic organisms.


The Vimba vimba is a species preferred for recreational fishing in Europe and our country. Due to its meat not being particularly tasty and having many small bones, it has no commercial value in our country.

In the video below, you can watch a foreign recreational fisherman catching an Vimba vimba and get to know the fish up close.

As you can also see in the video, due to the position of the lower jaw and the lip being set back, the fish gives the impression of having a snout.

YouTube video

Görsel kaynak: Wikimedia

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