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Mediterranean trout Characteristics

The Mediterranean trout, with its splendid features and sizes, is a freshwater fish species that fishing enthusiasts would want to see. Commonly found in our country, the mountain trout is also the largest trout species in Turkey.

Mediterranean Trout Species Summary

Scientific Name: Salmo cettii, Salmo spp
Adult Size:Average 30cm 1kg, Maximum 1 meter 25kg
Breeding Period:Between September and March
Lifespan:10 years
Fishing:Protected, prohibited all year round

Mediterranean trout Characteristics

The Mediterranean trout is a member of the Salmonidae family and is the largest trout species in our country. There are a total of 6 different types found in almost every region of Turkey, especially in the South, North East, and East Anatolian regions.

Mountain trout, an endemic species, gets its name from the spots on its body. This species, which lives in freshwater of drinking water quality with high oxygen content, unfortunately faces the threat of extinction.

They use water source areas for living and spawning. However, those close to the sea can spend their adult life in the sea and return to freshwater sources to spawn.

What is the Mediterranean Delight Fish?

Characteristic features:

  • Body color leaning towards black, with a gray hue.
  • A yellowish-white abdominal region.
  • A compressed, flat body shape from the sides.
  • Spineless and small fins.
  • Possesses 10-12 clusters of red spots on its sides.

Reproduction and Feeding

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They enter their breeding season between September and March. They use the source parts of the water to lay eggs. In clear, oxygen-rich, and cold waters, they can lay an average of 2000 eggs with a diameter of 4mm.

Approximately 40 days later, trout larvae, which emerge with a reserve nutrient sac, consume food sources like insect larvae, other fish larvae, and crustaceans.

Silver scabbardfish Features and Hunting

Despite being tempting in taste and appearance, it is among the species that are prohibited from hunting in Turkey. Even if you see it being hunted on various video platforms, please refrain from hunting it in order to prevent the extinction of its species.

It is known that sport fishermen release them after catching, but administrative sanctions are imposed on those who do not release them.

Main reasons for the hunting ban:

What is Rudd?
  • Overfishing without awareness
  • Water pollution
  • Floods
  • Landslides
  • Erosion

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Where can the Mediterranean trout be found?

Here’s where the Mediterranean trout can be found:
Europe: Mediterranean trout is native to most of Europe. It is commonly found in streams, rivers, and lakes across the continent.
Asia: Mediterranean trout’s native range in Asia extends from the mountains of Turkey and the Caucasus, through the Himalayas.
North America: Mediterranean trout was introduced to North America in the late 19th century and has since become established in many rivers, streams, and lakes. They can be found across the U.S. (especially in the northeastern states, the Great Lakes region, and the western states) and parts of Canada.
Australia and New Zealand: Mediterranean trout was introduced in the late 19th and early 20th centuries and is now found in many freshwater systems across both countries.
South America: The Mediterranean trout has been introduced to several countries in South America, especially in mountainous regions.

What are the benefits of Mediterranean trout?

It is believed that Red-spotted Trout can be beneficial for various ailments, primarily including fractures, back pain, vascular diseases, and cancer.

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