Taklitci ahtapot ozellikleri - Mimic Octopus – 2023 – Astonishing Observers with its Imitation AbilityPin

Mimic Octopus – 2023 – Astonishing Observers with its Imitation Ability

The mimic octopus, living in the Indo-Pacific waters, is known for its incredible imitation ability. When it senses a threat, it defends itself by imitating dangerous and highly venomous creatures.

Scientific Name: Taumoctopus mimicus
Origin: Indo-Pacific
Adult Size:60 cm
Lifespan:9 months

Mimic Octopus Features

The mimic octopus naturally has brown and white colors with a striped body. However, these aren’t the only appearances it can assume. When necessary, it can mimic many colors, patterns, and lines, transforming into an entirely different shape.

While most animals with mimicking abilities can only imitate one other creature, this species can mimic many at once. According to SCUBA divers, this type of octopus can imitate up to 15 different creatures including jellyfish, sea stars, giant crabs, seahorses, eels, and rays.

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The mimic octopus was first discovered in 1998 in Indonesia and is especially found in the reefs of the Red Sea, Caledonia, the Gulf of Thailand, and the Philippines.

As with all other octopus species, the mimic has 8 arms and 3 hearts. Each arm has 2 rows of suckers. Thanks to these suckers, they can effectively feel their prey.


Because they often feed during the day, it is known that they mimic poisonous sea creatures during feeding to protect against potential threats.

Being carnivorous, the mimic octopus feeds on small fish and crustaceans in shallow waters. To feed, it either pursues and attacks its prey or uses its arms to bring the fish to its mouth and eat.

It has occasionally been observed feeding on its own species. However, this behavior is not actually for feeding but is a behavior carried out to defend its territory.

Mimik ahtapot mimic octopus - Mimic Octopus – 2023 – Astonishing Observers with its Imitation AbilityPin
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Interesting Features

  • They can mimic more than 15 sea creatures, prioritizing the venomous ones.
  • After mating, the male mimic octopus dies, and the female dies after giving birth.
  • The mimic learns which predators and dangerous creatures disturb others and mimics them.
  • There are many sea creatures with camouflage abilities. However, the mimic and its relative, the Wunderpus, can mimic multiple marine animals.


Is the Mimic Octopus Venomous?

The mimic octopus imitates creatures that are venomous, dangerous, or have an unappealing taste to deter predators from attacking it. However, it itself is not venomous.

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