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Meagre Fish

The Meagre Fish, depending on the region, has been named Maigre, Corvina, Croaker, and other names. It’s a delicious sea fish.

This fish has significant economic value. It’s often sold in markets. Additionally, in Izmir(Turkey) and its surroundings, it’s known as Halili, Muskar, and Sarıağız.

Summary of Meagre Fish Species

Scientific Name: Argyrosomus regius
Origin:Eastern Atlantic, Mediterranean, Red Sea, Black Sea
Diet: Carnivorous
Adult Size:Up to 2.3 meters
Reproduction: Lay eggs
Reproductive Season: Spring – Summer
Life Span: 15-20 years
Fishing Regulations:Fishing during their reproductive season is prohibited. There’s a minimum size of 18 cm and a daily limit of 5 kg.

Characteristics of Meagre Fish

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The Meagre Fish has a pearl-silver toned body with a distinctively yellow mouth. The bases of their fins also have reddish-brown shades.

These fish can grow to considerable sizes. The largest recorded size is 230 cm in length and weighs 103 kilograms. They have a large head and mouth, with relatively small eyes.

Male Drums are known to make grunting noises during their mating season, which can be heard from up to 30 meters away.

This species was first described in 1801 by the Spanish naturalist “Jordán Claudio de Asso y del Rio.” Efforts are also being made to farm this fish in cages set up along the coastlines of France.


Their primary habitats are the Mediterranean, Black Sea, and the Atlantic. They generally live in depths ranging from 15 to 100 meters. They prefer temperate waters but can occasionally be found in colder waters.

Diet and Reproduction

The Meagre Fish feeds on fish such as anchovies, sardines, and crustaceans. Their feeding grounds are mainly rocky bottoms (waters around 1 meter deep) and middle sections where they hunt for schools of fish.

They start reproducing in the spring. The main breeding season is between May and July. During the breeding season, many grouper fish approach the coasts and spawning begins.

The growth phase of the offspring is mostly completed during the summer months. After spending a few months near the coastal lines, the juvenile fish move to waters with depths between 20-40 meters at the end of summer.

Water temperature is a crucial factor for reproduction. A female yellowmouth fish, about 1.5 meters in length, can lay around 800,000 eggs. The most ideal water temperature for breeding is 17-22°C.

Once the juvenile fish grow large enough (around 30 cm), they feed on small bottom-dwelling fish and crustaceans.

meagre fish Fishing

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The meagre fish is a commercially valuable species. It is caught by commercial fishing vessels in various parts of the world.

It also holds significant importance in sport fishing. Many anglers choose to catch grouper fish due to its tasty meat and valuable price.

To catch the meagre fish, it’s vital to know its habitats accurately.

How is the meagre fish caught?

There are various methods used to catch meagre fish. These include boat fishing, shore fishing, and using artificial or live bait.

Groupers caught from the shores will not be as large as those from deeper waters. There are many types of bait you can use for fishing. It’s a very hungry fish, so to speak; it will attack anything it comes across. What’s crucial is the freshness of the bait.

Catching a large meagre fish (grouper fish) requires skill. It’s easier to catch them in deep waters than on shores. In deep waters, the fish’s resistance breaks more quickly, making it easier to land.

Don’t forget that the size of the fish you might catch can be quite large. Therefore, using hooks ranging from 4/0-8/0 and a line of at least 0.60mm would be appropriate.

The most commonly used techniques and methods are as follows:

  • Artificial bait fishing: The meagre fish is typically sought after in rocky areas. You can use all the artificial baits used for bass fishing for grouper as well.
  • Boat fishing: This is an easier method than shore fishing. You can catch them using live fish, jumbo shrimp, or pieces of squid. They usually roam at depths of 5-15 meters in mid-waters.
  • Drop line fishing: The drop rigs used for other fish are also suitable for meagre fish. As bait, you can use rockfish, mullet, mackerel, and sand smelt.
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Meagre primarily inhabits the waters of the Eastern Atlantic, Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, and the Black Sea. They usually live at depths ranging from 15 to 100 meters. While they prefer temperate waters, they can occasionally be found in colder waters as well. Depending on temperature values, they may change their coastal locations. Younger individuals tend to stay closer to the coastlines, while mature ones are found deeper in the mid-sea regions.

Their meat is delicious, and the benefits of consuming them are countless. Therefore, their prices are higher compared to many other fish.


Where Can You Find drums fish?

You can find drums fish from the coastal areas up to depths of 150 meters. Locations to consider for fishing include drums fish, fractured rock areas, and deep pier zones.

Are meagre fish and Umbrina cirrosa the Same Fish?

Even though they show considerable similarity, no, meagre fish and Umbrina cirrosa are different fish. To understand the difference, you can look at the side parts of the Umbrina cirrosa. This fish’s sides exhibit yellow-green tones.

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