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ranchu goldfish – All the Details

The ranchu goldfish is a magnificent species among goldfish varieties, suitable for freshwater aquariums due to its ease of care and stunning appearance. Its calm demeanor and beauty have paved the way for its popularity among hobbyists.

ranchu goldfish Species Summary

Other Names:Lionhead Goldfish
Scientific Name:Carassius Auratus Auratus
Behaviour towards own species:Peaceful
Swimming Level:Bottom to mid-levels
Water Temperature:18°C – 25 °C
Water Hardness:5 – 19 °dH
pH Level:6.5 – 7.5
Minimum Tank Size:60 Liters
Adult Size:20 cm
Life Span:15 years
Maintenance Level:Easy

ranchu goldfish Characteristics

Found in many parts of the world, the ranchu goldfish differ from their appearance in their natural habitat. They were specially bred over time by experienced aquarists in China.

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ranchu goldfish Characteristics

The ranchu goldfishv, originally a type of Asian carp, can survive even in slightly brackish water. Its calm demeanor and beauty are undoubtedly what make it such a popular aquarium fish. The absence of dorsal fins causes them to swim slowly, thus displaying peaceful behaviors.

Its most striking features are the structure and texture of its head. On their heads, they have a fleshy, raspberry-like bump called ‘wen’, resembling a lion’s mane. Additionally, they have double tails and anal fins.

The ranchu goldfish has a rich variety in terms of color. Apart from the commonly seen red and orange, they can also be black, blue, or display a combination of three colors. Due to their similarities, they are often mistaken for the Oranda goldfish, but the presence or absence of the dorsal fin can distinguish them.

Fish Species That Can Live With ranchu goldfish

This species should not be kept with fast-swimming goldfish varieties like Shubunkin, Comet, and Common. The best options include their own kind and other sociable, gentle breeds. If kept with faster fish, they would have to compete for food due to their slow nature.

They are so docile that even during mating season, they can maintain their calm. If kept with unsuitable fish, they may get easily injured or contract infections as they can’t defend themselves.

The most suitable aquarium fish for ranchu goldfish are:

  • Telescope Fish
  • Bubble Eye Goldfish
  • Celestial Eye Goldfish
  • Zebra Danio
  • Corydoras Catfish
  • Kuhli Loach
  • Snails
  • Various Shrimp Species

Aquarium Selection and Water Parameters

If you’re keeping just one, a 60-liter aquarium will suffice. However, if you’re planning to keep them in groups, a minimum of 150 liters is required. Contrary to what some sellers might suggest, these fish are definitely not suitable for small aquariums and bowls.

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The ranchu goldfish is quite sensitive to fin tears. Therefore, when choosing decorations and stones, one should avoid materials with sharp, pointed edges. Otherwise, they can quickly contract infections.

For the substrate, medium-grained sand or rounded pebbles can be used. Additionally, it’s known that they can be healthily kept on a completely bare bottom. It’s best to set up the aquarium as simply as possible.

If kept in planted aquariums, delicate and soft-leaved plants are not suitable. They will nibble on such plants and cause damage. Thick-leaved plants like Anubias can be added. They also tend to dig up the substrate, which can damage the plant roots.

These fish are extremely sensitive to infections. Thus, it’s essential to always keep the water clean and not neglect water changes.

For potential diseases and treatments, refer to: Aquarium Fish Diseases and Treatments.

Feeding and Diet

The ranchu goldfish is renowned for its insatiable appetite. No matter how much food you offer, they will eat it. To ensure the fish stays healthy, it should be fed no more than twice a day.

Being both carnivorous and herbivorous, this species is not very picky about its food. Suitable foods for protein intake include brine shrimp, bloodworms, and worms. For plant-based nourishment, vegetables that fish can eat like spinach, or high-quality flake foods can be provided.

It’s not mandatory to provide live food, but it’s recommended since it can make the fish more vibrant and healthy. You can also feed them with a variety of ready-made plant-based and protein-rich foods.

Gender Differentiation and Reproduction

Determining the gender of young ranchu goldfish is challenging. Male fish have white, spike-like structures on their gills. Males are generally smaller than females. When females are carrying eggs, they appear broader-bodied than males when viewed from above.

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Ranchu goldfish, which is not a challenging fish in terms of reproduction, will more readily produce offspring when kept in groups of five. To breed in an aquarium, they should be kept in conditions similar to their natural habitat, as they lay eggs in the wild during the spring.

It’s known that some aquarists and breeders separate the males and females for several weeks to encourage breeding. Once placed together in the breeding tank, if the conditions are right, they will begin mating, and the female will lay and attach her eggs.

Plant surfaces are the primary choice for laying eggs. During this period, green artificial plants can also be used. The optimal temperature for laying eggs is between 20 to 23°C.

To not leave their breeding to chance, the aquarium temperature can be lowered to 14°C a few days before laying eggs, and then increased by 1°C every day to encourage mating.

After the eggs have been laid and fertilized, both the male and female fish should be removed from the tank. Otherwise, they will consume all the eggs. The fry will hatch from the eggs in approximately 7 days.

When feeding the fry, the same food given to the adults can be used, but it should be crushed finely. During this period, maintaining a temperature of around 20-23°C is sufficient.

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