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short tail betta fish: Care, Breeding and More 2023

The short tail betta fish is also known as the Plakat Betta. Betta fish are magnificent aquarium fish that many people desire to have. Their splendid fins and colors make them a must-have for many fish enthusiasts.

Though they are among the easiest fish to care for, bettas still have essential needs. This guide will provide information on Siamese fighting fish care and more, teaching you how to keep them happy and well-fed!

short tail betta fish Species Summary

Other Names:Plakat Betta, Shortfin Betta, Wild Betta
Scientific Name: Betta splendens sp.
Origin: Thailand
Diet: Carnivorous
Behavior:Moderately aggressive
Behavior Towards Their Kind: Highly aggressive
Swimming Area:Surface
Water Temperature: 24°C – 30 °C
Water Hardness:5 – 19 °dH
pH Level:6.0 – 8.0
Minimum Tank Size: 30 Liters
Adult Size:8 cm
Breeding:They lay eggs
Lifespan:2 – 5 years

The short tail variety is native to the regions of Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia and is quite common there. While short tail bettas are seen as pets in Europe and many other regions, they are used for fighting in these areas.

In many Asian countries, fish fighting is allowed. Plakat bettas, known for their strong and durable bodies, are often used in these fights. It’s a distressing situation, and currently, there’s little that can be done to stop it.

Short tail bettas are one of the lesser-known variations of Betta species. This variation is known to be more similar to their wild counterparts. They possess a less flamboyant tail and have a more robust build. However, don’t let this deter you from keeping them, as they are still among the sought-after betta types.


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For pets, the longer-finned, common beta types are preferred. However, short-tailed bettas are used for fighting due to their short fins and strong bodies. Compared to other bettas, plakats have shorter fins and tails.

Plakat bettas, which use their fighting ability to breed, can be found in all color combinations. An adult short tail betta fish can reach a length of 8 cm. Apart from their tails, their mouth structures are among their most distinguishing features.

How To Distinguish Betta Fish Gender?

With a strong jaw, their mouths extend upwards, narrowing towards the tips. Females’ colors are brighter and more vibrant, and their bodies are bulkier compared to males. This is why females are usually used for fighting.

Main distinguishing features include:

  • Head: Lifted upwards and narrows towards the mouth tip.
  • Tail: Much shorter compared to standard betta species.
  • Body structure: Short-tailed bettas have a shorter and more cylindrical structure than other species.


With a few exceptions, the typical lifespan of a short tail betta fish ranges between 3 to 5 years.

This lifespan can be shorter, and it is directly related to the care of the fish. Keeping a fish in an environment where it constantly fights can greatly reduce its lifespan. Another factor is that fish living under stress may have a weakened immune system, making them vulnerable to diseases.

Guppy Aquarium Setup Guide 2023 Dimensions

The size of an adult plakat betta averages around 5 to 8 cm. Looking at other tropical fish species in their habitat, short-tailed bettas are on the smaller side of the chart. Also, their shorter tails significantly affect their size relative to their species.

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Of course, just like other betta species, short-tailed bettas are very aggressive and territorial fish. If another fish invades their territory, they may fight to the death. This aggression is usually directed towards fish of their own kind or similar species.

To predict aggressive behavior, look at the fish’s fins and tail. They try to make themselves appear larger and more intimidating by flaring out their dorsal fins and gill covers, making it look like a mane.

When stress and aggression reach peak levels, they can damage everything in the aquarium, including the decorations. In a combative state, they might even leap out of the aquarium.

However, if not provoked, short-tailed bettas are very docile and calm fish. They like to rest in a chosen spot unless their territory is threatened.

Lastly, if your betta is making bubble nests, don’t assume they are stressed. In fact, this behavior indicates that they are happy.

Compatible Species

If you hear something like “Bettas should be kept alone!”, don’t pay much attention. Because under the right conditions, short-tailed betta fish don’t necessarily have to be alone. There are a few considerations to keep in mind.

A fight can break out between two male bettas in the same aquarium, and the consequences could be fatal. However, a small group of female bettas should not be problematic. There are specific species to be cautious about when choosing tank mates.

Fast-swimming fish, like Tiger barbs and Neon tetras, enjoy nipping at tails. If you keep your betta with these species, over time, ailments like tail rot may develop.

The best approach is to choose peaceful fish that prefer swimming in the bottom and middle parts of the tank. Bettas enjoy swimming and resting in areas close to the surface. If you choose the right fish, you can enjoy your aquarium without any problems.

Here’s a small list to help you consider potential tank mates for bettas:

  • Gouramis
  • Corydoras (often referred to as catfish)
  • Peaceful barb species

Short-Tailed Betta Care

Contrary to popular belief, just like any fish, short-tailed bettas have certain care requirements. Even though their care is straightforward, the information propagated by many aquarium shops, suggesting that a 2-3 liter aquarium is all that’s needed, is misleading.

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Aquarium Size

In many stores, betta fish are sold in tiny jars or 1-liter bowls that are hardly their size! This situation leads to an unhappy and hence stressed fish, resulting in illnesses and ultimately death.

Although Plakat bettas can live in shallow rice paddies, every fish needs a certain area to swim. Otherwise, the fish you buy from the store might only survive a few days or weeks.

The minimum aquarium size for a short-tail betta fish should be 20 liters. However, if possible, this should be viewed as a minimum, and larger aquariums are preferred.

The larger the aquarium size, the easier it becomes for you to maintain and control water quality. Moreover, don’t neglect to use a filter that can meet its requirements.

Water Parameters

As mentioned above, short-tailed bettas can live even in shallow rice paddies. Based on this, the water parameters you provide should at least be equivalent to those of a rice paddy.

Betta fish are not overly demanding or difficult.

They mainly care about water temperature and pH value. The environment of the aquarium you prepare should have slightly acidic water and a temperature close to tropical conditions. To achieve acidic water and reduce pH, you can use almond leaves or catappa leaves.

Meeting the following basic requirements will easily satisfy Plakat bettas:

  • Water temperature: Between 22 to 27 degrees Celsius
  • Water hardness (Carbonate hardness): 2 – 12 dKH
  • pH level: Between 6 to 7.5


Most fish in the world haven’t developed immunity against diseases. However, the situation is a bit different for short-tailed bettas. Fish bred through selective breeding methods are much more resilient than regular fish.

Of course, this doesn’t mean they won’t get sick. They are just more resilient to common fish diseases compared to other fish. The most common disease among betta fish is fin and tail rot.

Fin and tail rot is a disease that results in the gradual decay and loss of these areas. For treatment, you can visit: “What is Tail Rot? How is it Treated?”


There’s no limit when it comes to aquarium decor. You can opt for a design rich in elements or a simple one with just a few items.

Since Plakat betta fish prefer living in shallow and complex waters in their natural habitat, you can create plenty of hiding spots. Short-tailed bettas prefer resting on flat surfaces, so consider this when deciding on decorations.

For the aquarium, you can use compatible tree branches, stones, and harmless plastic decorations. Ensure that the decor you add doesn’t have sharp parts that might harm the fish.


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In their natural habitats, Plakat bettas feed on insect larvae and insects, categorizing them among carnivorous fish. If you want to keep your betta happy, make sure the food you provide is rich in protein. Plant-based foods won’t satisfy them.

The best feeding method involves a combination of commercial foods, live foods, and non-live foods. You can feed them twice a day, with different meals like shrimp, bloodworms, and micro worms.

If you prefer live foods, you’ll make them even happier. These fish love to hunt. Providing live prey will also enable them to get some exercise.


Short-tailed betta fish are not as straightforward to breed as they are to care for. However, with proper planning and setting, breeding is achievable.

The first right step is to establish a separate breeding tank, aside from the tank used as their living space. To prepare your male and female bettas for mating, feed them foods high in protein, which will motivate them.

When the male fish begins to create bubbles on the surface, it’s an indication that he’s ready. When the female releases her eggs, the male betta will fertilize them and direct them to the nest. Once the eggs are laid, the male fish can become extremely aggressive in protecting them.

It will take about 3 days for the fry to hatch. Once they emerge, you should remove both the male and female from the water to prevent the adults from eating the fry.

For the first few days, the fry will swim with their yolk sacs and derive nourishment from them. Once they separate from the sacs, you can begin feeding them suitable powdered foods.

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Caring for the short-tailed betta fish is not as difficult as others might suggest. When you provide the right environment and know how to address issues, your betta will have a happy and long life.

Feel free to reach out in the comments section for any questions related to the Plakat betta fish or any other betta species.

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